Welcome to my personal website! I am an environmental and interdisciplinary scientist broadly interesting in understanding how the environment has varied over time and using this information to make sound resource management decisions.

Over the last few years, I have transitioned my focus from that of paleoclimate reconstructions to a more holistic approach to sustainable resource management. I specialize in climate change impacts on water resources and trees, and use my knowledge to develop internet-based applications for policy decision support. My research informs the public and about ways we can improve practices while simultaneously creating outreach and education opportunities for environmental organizations and programmes.

I am currently a ‘Climate Risk Scientist’ with Stantec’s Climate Risk, Resilience, and Sustainability Team where I work with stakeholders to develop climate action plans for vulnerable resources and infrastructure.

From 2019-2021, I was a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Saskatchewan where I worked with a multi-disciplinary team to develop a decision support toolkit for Saskatchewan landowners (www.shelterbelt-sk.ca). The toolkit showcases best practices, climate change impacts, and economic values of shelterbelts in southern Saskatchewan. I also researched and published on drought-related impacts of white spruce trees in the region. From 2018-2019, I was the ‘Executive Director’ of the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve where I helped develop and release the Southwest Nova Interactive Science Atlas (www.scienceatlas.ca).

As part of my PhD programme, I developed two 300-year paleorecords of hydrological variability in southwestern British Columbia from 2015-2019. These data provide water resource managers with a better understanding of the full range of variability in the region for better overall water resource management.